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Fashion Today

Fashion today is always changing, it is sometimes hard to keep up with the latest trends, what’s appropriate to wear, and what’s NOT okay to wear anymore. Keeping up with the latest trends is like a full time job, for the average teenage girl wanting to wear what the newest fashion and become a “trend setter.”

In this article that I read it talks all about fashion trends today. In this article it points out how so many people wear the latest fashions whether they like the actual trend or not because they want to fit in and look cool even if they totally don’t like the trend at all. Celebrities are the one that seem to make the certain trend popular because if someone sees their favorite celebrity wearing this or that on the red carpet then they will want to wear the same exact thing that they’re wearing so that they can be, as we said before, a “trend setter.” One thing that this article points out is that if you look into someone’s closet there will be at least one thing that fits a popular trend in there.

For teens, especially girls, having the right clothes is like do or die in society today. People judge girls on their outfits everyday because that is normally what our eye catches first, their outfit. Fashion magazines are some of the best selling magazines in stores because they’ll tell you what the latest trend is right now. Girls today don’t really care if they’re the “trend setter” or the “trend follower” they just want to have the clothes to follow the popular trends now.

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A Day at the Beach

A Day at the Beach

Author: Unknown

The sun on my face,

the sand in my toes,

makes any day a delight.

Hunting for seashells,

and surfing the waves,

makes everything seem alright.

Building a castle,

fit for a king,

makes all my dreams in reach.

Wearing my shades,

getting a tan,

makes a great day at the Beach.

I really like this poem “A Day at the Beach” because it reminds me of fun times of going to the beach. Also, the author shows great imagery that you can really picture a little kid on the beach building sand castles, and riding the waves all the way to the sand. Since summer is almost here it makes me think of all the fun things that you can do in summer. The beach is one of my favorite places to go on vacation to. This poem really just makes me want even more for summer to be here even more and want to spend a day at the beach.

photo credit: Captain Kimo via photopin cc
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iPads are a great learning tool for school in the classroom. Not only are iPads good for learning, they also make school easier, and there fun to use!

In English class, when we blogged, we would always have to use the computer lab, which wasn’t always available for our use. Also, we couldn’t spend everyday in the computer lab, and when we did we could only blog school assignments and not anything fun. Now, that we have our iPads we can stay in the classroom and we can have more fun with our blogs.

Also, iPads are super fun! There’s a bunch of apps in the App Store that we can purchase that are fun to play at school when were done with homework, or when were at home. When were not using our iPads for school purposes, there’s plenty of ways to use fun ways!

iPads are a great tool for learning, while still being fun for use outside of school! iPads are a great new addition for our school supplies and they help make school a little eaiser.

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Spring Break

This year for spring break my family and I packed our winter clothes and headed to Park City, Utah to go skiing at The Canyons, this was our second year to go.

We skied for three days, and we were there 5 days. On the first night there we went out with friends and got a big steak dinner. On the first day of skiing with my family I had a half day lesson with a very chatty ski instructor. Then at lunch time I met back up with my family and we went to The Yurt, which has the best food on the mountain. The Yurt is where my family and I ate lunch every single day. When eating our delicious burgers and fries the cook brought out grilled chocolate chip cookies, which were just hot of the grill, made just for us. After filling our stomachs we were back up on the lifts and skied the rest of the day away. That night for dinner we stayed in and picked up pizza and salad, while watching ABC’s The Bachelor season finale.

We had the same routine for the day, just without the ski lesson. That night for dinner my family and I went out to Red Tail Grill and got some good ole’ southern cooking and churros for dessert. On the last day we skied the entire day until it was time for the lifts to close, and we decided to celebrate another fun spring break with another giant steak dinner, with a molten cake for dessert!

Then the next morning it was time to hop back on a plane and come home to Austin, where we landed in a very crowded airport with everyone flying in for South by Southwest. For the rest of the break I stayed at home and relaxed until school started again.

photo credit: chrismar via photopin cc

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The Phantom’s Lair

I reached for the dusty handle to pull the old wooden door that was falling off its hinges with a very loud creak the door swung open. Dark, dreary, and isolated the Phantom’s lair had an unusual stench that you immediately smelled the second you walked in. Crumpled balls of papers were everywhere with unfinished music. His organ sat in the corner with a layer of dust almost hidden with all of his music.  The windows had been boarded up with wood and had been smashed with all the leftover glass shards still on the ground, sharp enough to cut.

Black capes sat lying around everywhere, he even had extra masks that gave the illusion he was watching. Shrieking is fear, as something ran across the floor.

As I jump back the floor starts to creak in front of me lies a thrown.  This ruby red and golden thrown sat in the middle of the room with a doll sitting on an exact replica of the thrown. But, this was no doll this was Christine, wearing a wedding dress. There was no other furniture but these two thrones, not even a bed. This large open space with nothing but an organ and two thrones where he spent all his time, there was no rooms just one big space.

A gust of wind blows through the cracks of the shattered window, as everything blows around, one thing blows toward me. It’s a picture, a single picture of the Phantom as a baby wearing his mask. He’s all alone just like he is now on his dusty, damp, and dirty lair that he sits in everyday all alone writing music that no one will ever see. The


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Expository Writing: Hawaii



            Summertime is a time for adventures– while some people sit at home, I go on vacation with my family. Destination: Maui, Hawaii- the best vacation spot.

            Hawaii has the best beaches where you can splash around by the shore, sun tan on the sand, or there are plenty of fun activities for you to do in the water. You can go scuba diving through the mysterious tropical waters with all the exotic colorful fish and other spectacular marine life. You could also hop on a boat a go para sailing and get a bird’s eye view of the island. Beaches are already a bunch of fun but Hawaii definitely has the best.

            Also, Hawaii has the best activities you can do out of the water. When I went to Hawaii my family and I went zip lining through this tropical park. With a boat that you could ride down the crystal clear river and a beautiful field with the greenest grasses you’ve ever seen. There were multiple runs that you could do, all of them super different. Some of the faster than others, some you went backwards, and the last one went over the beautiful river. You could also see some of the freshly grown fruit that they grew there- they’re native pineapples and a bunch of other fruit. Hawaii has the most beautiful places you’ll ever see and the most fun things to do while staying dry.

            Hawaii is the best place you could go in the summer- instead of doing nothing at home. The greatest beaches and zip lining are just two examples of all the fun there is! 

photo credit: paul bica via photopin cc


Cold Weather


Sitting there in front of the crackling fireplace warming my freezing hands from a long day in the cold. Holding a mug of steaming hot cocoa making my hands burn. The wind rustling the leaves so loud that I can hear the whistling sound inside. My warm blanket wrapped around my shoulders keeping me warm all day.

As I look out the window looking out at the beautiful skyline, the buildings made out of the faint glow as it lights the black sky.

There’s a million little stars in the night sky.

And a single thin icy layer covering the pool just waiting to be cracked.

A perfect layer of snow covering the ground, looking as if it had never been touched.

I want this day to never end…



photo credit: CaptPiper via photopin cc

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A New Student

As the classroom door opens a petite girl walks in quickly and all the way to the back of the classroom…

Everyone hard at work and almost no one sees her walk in, but she is pretty hard to see.

 Her blonde hair hangs down just right past her shoulders and she wears a excited yet nervous face.

As she whips her head around you can see her big sky blue eyes staring right at you. No one seems to notice her except for me. It’s almost as she’s not even here right now, like she’s invisible.

I can’t stop looking at her something about her seems like she’s used to being the girl that’s always just been unnoticed.

Just as the bell rings she’s the first one to hop out of her seat and run out the door.

I’m the only one who can see her…


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Halloween Front Porch

As we walk up the steps, slowly to go to the abandon house that nobody dares to get near. You can see the lit jack-o-lanterns, but what pops out the most is the scarecrow looking alive just ready for a scare. The only sounds are the whistle of the wind, the rustle of the trees,a and the who of the owl. At the top I can see the giant bowl of candy filled to the brim.

But, something doesn’t seem right.

I freeze, my body trembling in fear. 

Can I do this? 

I turn around to go back down.

I can’t do this…


photo credit: jamalfanaian via photopin cc

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I Am the One Who…


 I am the one who…

…loves to laugh at the jokes that my friend and family tell even if there not that funny.

…is clumsy as I trip and stumble over nothing at all

…is a perfectionist as it comes to school projects and how they look

…loves to have fun swimming with my friends and jumping off the hot tub into the water splashing each other.

…likes to look at entertainment magazines to see what the latest fashion trends are.

…loves to cook at home with my mom making all sorts of dinners ans desserts for my family.

…scared of change when it comes to switching gyms versus staying at the one I’ve been at since I was two

…loves to tumble doing back handsprings and back tucks whenever i get the chance to.

…hates to talk in front of people such as giving reports at meetings or in front of a class showing and explaining a project I did.

…loves to go to movies with family or friends and getting buttered popcorn and candy to eat as I watch the movie.

photo credit: seriouslygood1 via photopin cc

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